Manufactured using Thick Film technology, Copernica supplies high reliability voltage dividers, surge resistors, resistor networks and high value, high voltage resistors in a variety of custom configurations.

  • value – 0R01 to 1G
  • voltage – up to 40KV
  • TCR – 50ppm absolute
  • TCR – 10ppm tracking
  • Tolerance – 0.1% absolute
  • Tolerance – 0.o6% matched
  • Power – mW to KW
  • Individual or network
  • chain or divider
  • Substrates – 96-99% Alumina, Aluminium Nitride and Stainless Steel

Copernica also has a large range of High Voltage resistors available from stock.
Key features of HV thick film resistors:

  • Non-inductive,
  • Low voltage coefficients
  • High power
  • Excellent tracking between resistors


Applications for custom resistive products are widespread, and include any process requiring reliable, accurate control and monitoring of parameters such as temperature, pressure, current and position.