Thick film heaters can be printed on Alumina (ceramic) or stainless steel for higher power applications, providing compact high performance solutions.

Both substrate options offer low thermal mass for fast response times, high power density, even temperature distribution heaters in low profile compact formats.

Alumina (Al2O3)

Alumina heaters are ideally suited for small to medium sized thick film heater applications.

Heater2 M

Very high uniform temperatures are achievable with no outgassing, zero water absorption and impervious to  many chemicals.

Stainless steel (430)

Stainless Steel allows machining to complex sizes and shapes. Large area panels can be produced with easy methods for mechanical fixing.

Insulating dielectric printed onto stainless steel and fired at 850 °C produces a mechanically robust substrate that has high resistance to thermal shock. Thick film temperature-sensing (PTC) elements can also be incorporated.

Stainless Steel is also excellent for load dump resistors.


Terminations can can be made a number of ways including:

  • Soldering
  • Connectors
  • Spring contacts
  • Terminal posts