Copernica has an established heritage in the design, manufacture and supply of Thick Film hybrid circuits. Over 30 years of experience in the highly specialised arena of Thick Film hybrid microcircuits has enabled Copernica to become respected industry experts.

Thick Film technology provides many benefits including high thermal dissipation properties, improved reliability and consistent performance. Thick Film hybrid circuits may also include all the features available with standard Thick Film processing such as a full range of conductor metals, resistors, printed inductors and capacitors, and surface-mount components.


Copernica produces a full range of Thick Film hybrid product solutions. Copernica’s engineering design experience will provide customers with a high quality product while economic substrate layout ensures a cost effective solution is always produced.

Unique, customer developed hybrid solutions are provided utilising Copernica’s Thick Film experience in inks, screen printing, and coating materials. Copernica’s solutions include: integrating active and discrete components.


Copernica produces single and double sided ceramic based hybrid circuits with palladium silver or gold printed onto Alumina ceramic substrate. Circuit applications suited to Gold and Aluminium wire thermo-sonic bonding are also available on Alumina and Aluminium Nitride substrates.

Thick Film hybrid circuit configurations include leaded, single-in-line, or dual-in-line lead outs for through board or surface mount applications, bare boards or flip-chip, all in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit each customer’s requirements. Interconnect, fan-outs for fine line interconnect, resistors, resistive heaters and solder bases for power components can be produced from a variety of metals to suit all types of applications.

Hybrid circuits can be coated by a variety of conformal coatings such as polymers and epoxies, each exhibiting different properties from simple mechanical protection to full protection from harsh environments.

Adjust-On-Test Sub-assemblies

Known as an ‘adjust-on-test’ (AOT) procedure the circuit is individually tuned to the required performance level.

A major advantage to be gained from using adjusted on test assemblies is that once the final trim levels have been set, the circuits are extremely reliable and stable. The trimmed resistors are not subject to long term ‘drift’, as are trimming potentiometers, and they are easily protected from harsh operating environments by sealing them with an epoxy resin coating. Moreover, the circuits cannot be altered, inadvertently or otherwise.

Technical Information